SEO Company in Phoenix Web Design Project

When we teamed up with the Phoenix SEO services company owner Ryan Humiston for future projects we knew that we were in store for some exciting breakthroughs. Now we had the ability to now only offer our clients beautiful designs but also optimize them for search and get them ranking!

One thing we struggle with in the past was the fact that we had several clients asking if we could help them design a site that is just as search engine friendly as it is appealing to look at. Now this may sound like an easy task but the fact is that there are so many details that go into an SEO campaign. We needed help and direction so we turned to one of our previous clients for advice. We ended up with an ear full and an offer. Ryan Humiston – Phoenix SEO CEO and Gov Commerce built a partnership.

Instead of employing SEO’s to work at our firm, we decided to outsource our optimizing to to Ryan and have his team look over our work and if needed, modify so that every thing we do for our clients is set up too meet their internet marketing campaigns.

Most Important Changes We Made

  1. Optimize every image size to increase page load speed
  2. Identify keyword’s for Alt tag placement
  3. Geo Tag every image

Ryan – “We wanted to build a partnership that would create a prosperous relationship for both of us but more importantly our clients. We both Chris and I come from similar backgrounds, we put emphasis on the same things. We know that if the customer isn’t seeing results then our work isn’t done. That’s the only way it should be. We are always reluctant to build a partnership with any company because quality is the most important thing to us but having worked with the people at Gov Commerce in the past we know exactly what they are capable of.”

Since the inception of the partnership we have had our company featured more than ever. Our design, logo work and layout setup can been seen on the first page of Google for certain jewelry and luxury car niche’s. With the continual growth of our clients we will be expanding our reach even further.

If you have any SEO related questions feel free to reach out to the Phoenix SEO Expert’s by clicking the highlighted link. Other design questions should be directed to our contact page.

Client Case Study 1.1

Client Case Study – SEO Services Company – Santa Monica SEO

We consulted for this company strictly in terms of branding, they brought us on to help elevate their image on social media. One thing I would like to point out is that we usually like to create a consistent pattern throughout our marketing campaigns, but social media adds a different level of complexity. You will notice we changed our theme in Twitter to accommodate the demographic, lightening the design and creating a trust flow for followers.

Facebook -

Santa Monica SEO FB SCREEN

For the Facebook page, we rotated the profile picture to create a right side dominate appearance. This acts as a more professional pose taking the subject’s body position away from the social environment to create a profession and driven CEO image. The background was a deeper tone and a variation of the image and angle. This creates the illusion of the Santa Monica SEO Facebook Page to be more of an established local entity.

LinkedIn -

santa monica seo linkedin

For the LinkedIn page, we wanted to create a similar feel to the Facebook by keeping the image and profile professional. We narrowed the view for the banner to create a focused vision for other professionals viewing the profile. Note – we are having a photographer re-shoot the image because the one that was provided doesn’t not meet LinkedIn specifications.


Twitter -

SantaMonica_SEO    TwitterWith Santa Monica SEO  – Twitter page, we took a completely different approach from the other social accounts we set up. Knowing the twitter demographic is primarily a youth based community we created a lightened feel to stimulate interaction. We also advised them on how to create a following that will not only communicate between the satisfied customers but act as a referral source.